Monday, February 01, 2010

President Obama Bows Again

President Obama was recently seen bowing to the Mayor of Tampa, Florida. This brings back the memory of him bowing to the Emperor of Japan and to Saudi Princes. I can't help but wonder though if this is just a lingering habit from the time he spent in Indonesia as a child. That sure would explain why he has seemed to do it so often.


shadowmom1 said...

It still embarrasses the USA.

Ron said...

"Crap, my shoe is untied again."

Nomad said...

It would be incredibly ironic if the President were to be unseated in 2012 NOT by his policies, or his legislative losses, but by a cultural tic from his days in Indonesia.

Still, in the country of Washington and Adams, I could see it happening.

"Nick" said...

One thing this affirms is that each of these incidents has been a bow. If you remember, the White House has insisted that they weren't bows, especially the first one to the Saudi King.

Once, I might believe that. Twice... well, maybe. This? No way.

It's a definite problem. Pictures like this have much more pull around the world than interviews and speeches.