Wednesday, March 03, 2010

CT Republicans Hold Debate for Senate Candidates

Last night the 3 main Republican candidates for the US Senate in Connecticut debated at the University of Hartford. The candidates are: Former Congressman Rob Simmons, Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon and Brokerage firm owner/Financial Analyst Peter Schiff. Although none of them stood out, I thought each of them seemed like reasonable and qualified candidates. As would be expected, Schiff had his best moments when discussing the economy and Simmons, who is a Vietnam veteran and former CIA operative, had his best moments when discussing foreign policy. I thought McMahons best line was "I'm not running for office because I need a job." This is one area that she can differentiate herself from Simmons and potential Democratic opponent Richard Bluementhal who both have worked in government for most of the past 20 years.


shadowmom1 said...

I agree that they all looked and sounded reasonable. No one looked like they had no business being in the race and I could probably vote for any of them, although I do have my preferences.

The Democratic debate was a bit different. I thought Blumenthaul sounded much more reasonable. And he does have an outstanding record as Attorney General in CT. Not that that experience makes him qualified to be a senator. That is up to the voters to decide.

bfouskas said...

Did you see the CT Senate debate between Debicella vs. Himes and Lamont??