Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kansas City School District to Close 50% of Schools

Kansas City, Missouri will close 29 of its 61 public schools. The district has seen an enormous drop in enrollment over the years and is looking for a way to cut costs. Many parents are upset that their neighborhood school will be closed, but what do they expect? Enrollment has dropped in the public school system over the last 40 years from 75,000 to 17,500. In this economy, cities and towns are looking for anyway they can to cut costs and be more efficient. This seems like a necessary cut.


Retail jobs said...

This is very alarming news. It seems that people are not interested in going to school anymore.

training education said...

this is so sad. The global crisis is really growing. People can’t afford to put their child on schools, even on public schools. This is serious. I hope the administration is aware about this and take action to it immediately.