Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Perspective on the Health Care Bill

In light of the hyperbolic rhetoric coming out right now, I felt it was important to jump in with some perspective about the recently-passed Health Care Reform Act.

1. This act is NOT Pearl Harbor or even 9/11. It is NOT an attack on America. It is America working out its way in the world.
2. This may be a Bad Thing (TM), but we have survived bad laws before. See "slavery", "prohibition", and "complex income taxation." Repeal and reform are only a simple majority in Congress (or the Supreme Court) away.
3. There are good moral arguments to be made for and against government stepping into Health Care Reform. See "denying preexisting conditions" and "rationed care" for either side of the debate. People of good conscience can disagree.
4. We chose this. We = The American People. We elected President Obama and a majority in both houses of Congress who were clear in their intentions here. Believe it or not, this is Democracy in action.

So, let's calm down and ratchet the rhetoric back to Warp Factor 2. If we're unhappy and feel this needs to be ammended/repealed, Mid-term elections are just around the corner. Give to your chosen canidate in time and money.

Back to your regularly-scheduled blog fast. :-)


CRCHAIR said...

The true goal of "Health Care Reform" should be lowering costs of health care, not of health insurance. If we can lower the costs of doctors visits and tests, then insurance premiums in turn would fall. The real dilemma is how to lower these costs without either holding back innovation or discouraging our best people from becoming doctors. I'm not sure how to accomplish this, but that should be our goal. If MRIs cost $200 instead of $1000 then more people could afford to pay for them out of pocket when a need arises.

Mrs. Bowhunter said...

Hey all I know is that I just payed $50 for ANTIBIOTIC eye drops for my pink eye. I needed it. Yet it cost me $50. Something needs to be done about rising costs. Now my case is little but it is a perfect example of if you are not in a stable financial position this could be the choice between feeding the family for a few days or getting eye drops. What boggles my mind is just less then a year ago my daughter had pink eye and was prescribed the same exact drop but cost only $25 dollars. UUMMM? What happened?