Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Taliban's answer to women's education - Poison Gas

If you oppose an American military presence in Afghanistan, then you may to work harder to explain your position today after Taliban insurgents used poison gas on a school for girls. This truly exemplifies the idea of the "evil extremist".

Yaqubi said 20 girls had fallen ill in a suspected poison attack on another Kunduz school last week, although it was not until the weekend attacks that the issue caused national alarm.

In the south and east, where the Taliban control towns and villages, schools for girls remain shut, teachers have been threatened and some girls have been attacked with acid.

Despite the attacks, Sumaila said she hoped to return to school, if her father allows her.

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shadowmom1 said...

The issue of girls' education was very much in the news and discussed in the early days, before we went into that country, but Americans are silent on the issue of women's rights there now. Don't know why this would be so. Except that it is usually associated with liberal views and most liberals want us out of there as soon as possible.