Monday, May 24, 2010

HP claims expensive ink is worth every penny

It is an open secret that printer ink is expensive. In fact, in many cases it is cheaper to buy a new printer with a starter cartridge than it is to buy a refill. But HP believes the charges are fully justified, by research and development costs. They seem quite apologetic.

The key point in a nutshell: Ink technology is expensive to develop, and you pay for reliability and image quality. "These liquids are completely different from a technology standpoint," Brown says, adding that users concerned about cost per page can buy "XL" ink cartridges from HP that last two to three times longer. (Competitors offer similar cartridges).

The message: You get value for the money. No getting around it though: Ink is still expensive, particularly if you have to use that Photosmart ink jet printer for black and white text pages.
Buyer beware. We are moving closer and closer to an age where devices like the iPad will make printers less and less useful. Ink will only become more expensive to prop up sagging profits.


John Elvis said...

When you compare HP's genuine ink to that of a regular ink, you'll see no significant difference but the price gap.

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