Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is CBS surprised by offended viewers?

I am not sure how many Mod-Blog readers have seen posts by the Twitter feed "#### My Dad Says", but it is a darkly funny feed of intensely politically-incorrect and profanity laden quotes from one man's father. Many were surprised when CBS bought the rights to turn the feed into a Sitcom. Now CBS is acting surprised that some viewers are offended by a show with a profanity right in its title.

CBS will promote the show verbally with the word "bleep" instead of the profanity in ads -- as in, "Bleep My Dad Says."

But the network doesn't need to spell out of one George Carlin's famous Seven Words You Can Never Say on TV for viewers to decode the the title. Having a broadcast network air a comedy with a semi-quasi-it's-there-but-not profanity may also make it tougher for the network to wrangle advertisers...

CBS maintains that the show itself will be perfectly suitable for family viewing.
CBS knows exactly what it is doing, and is gambling on hooking the profitable 18-25 year old demographic based on this stunt. My guess? Endless meddling as the network tries to thread the needle on this one will doom the show to a single season, despite the talents of William Shatner.


shadowmom1 said...

Sliding down a bit lower on that slippery slope.

Ward said...

"the talents of William Shatner" Aside from thinking that he's the Bleep, what talent does Shatner have, exactly?

"Nick" said...

I could see this being a "great" idea on paper and just floundering (a whole series based on a Twitter feed of one liners?) but I can also see it being almost an Archie Bunker type phenomenon. The Dad can say things that are un-PC and get away with it, and people gravitate and appreciate that.

We'll see.