Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yankees Show More of the "Dark Side"

Red Sox fans have called the Yankees the "Evil Empire" for a while, but now iPad owners have a new reason to dislike the 27 time World Champions. The Yankees are not allowing people to bring their Apple iPads into Yankee Stadium. Citing security concerns the Yankees do not let an form of laptops into the stadium and for now, they classify iPads as laptops. Major League Baseballs says that each team has the right to choose whether or not to allow the iPads into their stadiums. So if you are a baseball fan in New York and want to use your iPad at the ballpark, your only choice is to go to Citi Field and watch the Mets.


shadowmom1 said...

Yankee fans do not want to watch the Mets unless they are playing the Yankees. :-)

"Nick" said...

Others of us ask what the big deal is. So you have to watch the game and disconnect from the web, big deal!