Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Fruits of the Left

And I do mean fruits. I can't imagine being so paranoid and delusional but I suppose that's why I'll never be a part of the "reality based community." The latest claim is that should the Republicans take the House in November, they will certainly impeach President Obama.

The reason? Well obviously because he's black and all Republicans are racists. And surely since they can find a few random people asking if they could impeach Obama, the Republican controlled House would jump at the chance! I just really don't know what to say about these people anymore. Every time I'm convinced they couldn't become any more stupid or paranoid, they prove me wrong. It's like they come from a different planet.


Nomad said...

[sarcasm]Yeah, after all, impeaching President Clinton worked so well for the Congressional Leadership.[/sarcasm]

(For those who have forgotten, nearly the entirely leadership had to resign over revealed affairs, or were voted out in the next election.)

CRCHAIR said...

I think about the same percentage of Republicans would favor impeaching President Obama as think that his birth certificate is an issue. That is to say, only the fringe 1/2%. If his political fortune is still bad enough to bring Republicans control of the house, then why would they want to throw him out of office and end up with Joe Biden as President?