Thursday, June 03, 2010

Unemployed not eligible for employment?!

It is a dirty little secret amongst recruiters that they tend to sort people without a current job to the BOTTOM of the pile. This is why most advisers will tell you to NEVER quit a job before you find the next one. But some companies are letting the secret out by explicitly stating in their ads that unemployed people will not be considered. That may be acceptable during good times, but in the middle of the Great Recession, that is a recipe for a permanent underclass of unemployable (yet skilled) people.

Peter May, of Atlanta, said he was hoping Orlando-based recruiter "The People Place" would help him find a job with Sony Ericsson. The company is moving its headquarters to Buckhead, which is located outside Atlanta.
May said he was mortified when he read the message on the website. In all caps, and bold type, it said, "No unemployed candidates will be considered at all."
Note to recruiters - time to change your attitude, before politicians and regulators decide to change it for you!


CRCHAIR said...

I guess the recruiters used to figure if you didn't have a job that it was because you were unemployable. That certainly isn't true now.

BH said...

It sounds like a lazy way to do your job. Only hire people that have already been vetted by others.

shadowmom1 said...

I guess temp work is the way back into the job market, because you can have some job history.