Friday, July 23, 2010

CT Town Legalizes Ice Cream Trucks

When you think about the various threats to our way of life, what do you think of? Terrorism? Drugs? Silly Bandz? I am guessing nowhere in your list is the humble Ice Cream Truck. In fact, typically it is a staple of the childhood experience - the saccharine-sweet jingle sounding from its speakers, the stampedes of hungry kids clamoring for a rocket pop, the parents looking on sadly knowing their waistlines can't withstand another sugary assault until swimsuit season is over.

But for Stratford, CT - a neighboring town to two Mod-Bloggers - Ice Cream Trucks have been illegal for 27 years. Why? No one seems to know. Perhaps someone in 1983 feared Communists were attempting to undermine America with doctored fudgesicles. Either way, we're glad to see the law is being repealed and "pop goes the weasel" will soon be playing in Connecticut neighborhoods again.

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