Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A world with no homework... just home "lectures"?

I give this idea high marks for creativity, and I think it would have worked with me. But I am not sure if most students could manage to put their teacher first, when YouTube has so much empty entertainment to offer. Then again, maybe the answer is the same either way - disciplined students or disciplining parents.

However, instead of lecturing about polynomials and exponents during class time – and then giving his young charges 30 problems to work on at home – Fisch has flipped the sequence. He’s recorded his lectures on video and uploaded them to YouTube for his 28 students to watch at home. Then, in class, he works with students as they solve problems and experiment with the concepts.
Lectures at night, “homework” during the day. Call it the Fisch Flip.
“When you do a standard lecture in class, and then the students go home to do the problems, some of them are lost. They spend a whole lot of time being frustrated and, even worse, doing it wrong,” Fisch told me.

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shadowmom1 said...

Maybe use this method one or two days a week and the standard method the other days. Then the teacher can assess the strengths, weaknesses and learning styles of each student. And of course, this assumes that every student has access to (and permission to use) the internet at home.