Monday, September 27, 2010

World's Fastest Pitch!

Not every milestone of sports is hyped to the sky beforehand, and often the greatest moments in sports are completely unexpected. Consider Aroldis Chapman's 105-mph pitch which was the fastest in baseball history.

“I didn’t see it until the ball was behind me,” Gwynn said. “I was trying not to look at the radar reading because I’d be intimidated. I saw how hard he was throwing and just tried to be slow and work my hands.”

The 105-mph pitch was inside for a ball and evened the count at 2-2. Gwynn had fouled off the previous two pitches and fouled off the next before striking out. He ought to be pleased with his effort, forcing Chapman to make seven pitches, the slowest of which was 102 mph.

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CRCHAIR said...

I'm sure he is throwing faster than anyone else, but they are also tuning the radar guns in most ballparks to read on the high side.