Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Data points on Gay vs Straight

The debate over homosexual marriage is full of stereotypes and assumptions on both sides. While I do not support the legalization of homosexual marriage, I understand the desire for recognition and "normalization" of this lifestyle by those in that community. It is refreshing to see one site attempting to use their data to bring us new insights on the debate. Clearly, the writer had a pro-gay-marriage axe to grind, but that does not mean that the data gathered is not worth considering. One of the keys to being a moderate is listening to both sides of the debate, and making your own choices.

Obviously, click this link with caution. This is a family-friendly blog, and some of the content there may be disturbing to those with a sensitive disposition.


BH said...

"amass a bunch of lesbians and you're going to need actual drugs" - funny.

CRCHAIR said...

Interesting. I thought the funniest thing was the larger than expected percentage of people who answered "the Earth" to which is bigger the Earth or the Sun.

"Nick" said...

Interesting data, and it jives generally with my own experience.

I will say, the data is probably a bit skewed, since it is data taken from OKCupid users, who, like eHarmony or other "dating" sites, are actively looking for love, sex, whatever, are probably generally younger and unattached. For instance, the "number of partners" category sounds high across the board. If it is correct... wow. I am WAY out of the norm!

It would be interesting to take this data from Facebook users, or some other group that would have wider use by varying age groups and backgrounds.

But, in general, I think many of the "conservative" or "christian" views and positions on gays and gay marriage are misinformed, and this data shows a better picture.