Thursday, October 07, 2010

Monkey Wars: A New Hope

There is something to be said for an all-natural solution to an human-created problem. In India, human feeding of wild monkeys has lead to a plague of macaques breaking into houses to steal food. So entrepreneurs have taken to the streets with a unique security force to drive them off - MORE MONKEYS.

But Chotu and his gang are a special force trained to put a stop to any monkeying around near the stadiums. Chotu, Pinki and Mangu are langur monkeys.

Their trainers said each one has the ability to scare off 50 potential attackers -- namely the wild smaller macaque monkeys that roam the streets and buildings of Delhi.
The wild monkeys are known for some naughty habits...

"They bite, they charge, sometimes they bite people's ears. That's why we have to use langurs," langur trainer Promod Kumar said.
The strangest part of this strange article is "animal rights activists" who question the use of monkeys as workers. Are they afraid they'll refuse to join the union?

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