Friday, November 19, 2010

Two NCAA Football Teams to Use the Same End Zone

Big Ten officials have decided to have Northwestern and the University of Illinois both use the same end zone on offense when the square off at Wrigley field. The reason for this strange change is that the teams are concerned that the one end zone was too close to the right field wall at the stadium that is usually only used for baseball. So whenever there is a change in possession that doesn't immediately lead to a touchdown, at the dead ball the ball will be repositioned so that the offense will always be heading toward the West side of the field. This seems like a good compromise that will lead to some fun memories both for the fans and for the players.

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I wish I had ESPNU so I could watch this game. The idea of playing a football game there again is really neat. It's good to see player safety is a major concern, but I feel bad for the fans who bought seats closer to the East end zone. They won't be seeing a lot of action on that side of the field.