Friday, January 28, 2011

How much snow is on the ground?!

This is a winter to remember! Starting to think about investing in a sled dog team both for transportation and warmth.
NOAA Snow Totals as of January 28, 2011


shadowmom1 said...

Wow! CT beats all of NY state, even Buffalo!

BH said...

I was in the 'dacks a few weeks ago. They are calling it "The Great Snow Drought of 2010-2011". It is really hurting the area's economy.

Nomad said...

Interesting, BH. We're not hearing about that here in CT. I'll need to see if there are any articles on that. Makes sense though, as it just means the weather usually hitting the Adirondacks has been shifted East.

shadowmom1 said...

Great winter for New England skiers.

BH said...

Indian Lake: 51.6" (43.6% of normal)
Boston: 42.4" (102.7% of normal)
Central Park, New York City: 59.1" (263% of normal)
Philadelphia: 67.3" (389% of normal)
Washington DC: 41.6" (274% of normal)

(Indian Lake is in the Adirondacks)