Saturday, March 12, 2011

What are the #1 needs of the Tsunami survivors?

While aftershocks are still likely, we can hope that the immediate effects of the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan are over. What comes next? IO9 has a list of the harsh realities facing the survivors, and what is likely to be the first relief they will need. Ironically, the #1 need after tsunami is WATER.

The first long-term problem facing tsunami survivors and disaster responders is procuring water. A huge amount of salt water has swept over the freshwater delivery system that modern society has installed. Furthermore, septic tanks and sewage systems have often burst open. Chemicals and pesticides can render water undrinkable and unsafe for any kind of contact. The initial deliver of bottled water and an ongoing system of scrupulous water testing is a must for the affected areas.
Please continue to pray for Japan. And consider giving whatever you can to the relief efforts.

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