Saturday, April 09, 2011

Government Shutdown Averted by Last-Second Deal

It is no surprise to me, but a great relief to military families, to see that a government shut-down has been averted by a late-night deal between Congressional Republicans, Congressional Democrats, and President Barack Obama. The deal contains $38 billion in cuts - less than the Republicans wanted, but far more than the Democrats had been hoping for - and sets the stage for an even-more-bitter battle leading up to the 2012 elections.

Although, you have to admit one thing. This has made it clear where each party stands - and even more where the President stands. It leaves a clear choice for voters next year.

The administration largely succeeded in blocking the most controversial policy riders impacting the environment and abortion-rights. But the spending cut is one of the single largest in history, and a preview of what lies ahead when Republicans move their 2012 budget plan next week and fight with Obama over raising the debt ceiling in May and June.

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