Thursday, July 21, 2011

Entire Apple Stores Being Faked

We've heard of electronics and designer clothes being faked in China. (How else did I get my genuine Rolex watch in NYC for $25?) Now it seems that some merchants in China are taking it up a notch. Fake Apple Stores have begun to pop up in China. They are patterned after the real Apple Stores and even the employees can be seen wearing the same clothes as true Apple Store employees. The main way to tell the fake from the real seems to be to look at quality of the construction in the store and to test the knowledge of the sales people. If your salesman doesn't know more than you do about the iPhone, then that should raise a red flag.

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Ward said...

Except that the sales people in Apple stores here in the states don't seem to know any more than I do about the iPhone...

"Hi, how can I help you today?"

"Yeah, my phone seems to be having some problems. It keeps restarting itself and the battery seems to not be able to figure out rather it is charged or not."

"Ok, I'll be happy to help. To start, let's force a restart."

"Sure, I mean I did that already but I know you have to verify. I also backed it up and syn--"

"Well that didn't work, I'll guess we'll have to back it up and synch it again."

"Sigh. Ok"

"Hmmm...That didn't seem to help anything. Let me check something over here." *Shines a flashlight into the plugin port*

"I can save you the time, I don't take my phone into the tub with me, there is no water damage."

*Whispers to his fellow employee that he sees no water damage and is out of ideas. Buddy whispers back to him* "Well, I can't find anything wrong. Either your phone will have to show signs of the problem while I'm actively looking at it, or we'll have to get you a new phone. Are you still under warrantee?"