Thursday, October 04, 2007

CA.GOV Goes Down

I can't find an official press release on either California's Department of Technology's website or the U.S. General Services Administration's website, but it appears that for about 7 hours, the domain was at least partially down. NetworkWorld has the story. It appears that the Transportation Authority of Marin County had their website get hacked and redirected to a website with pornography. In response, the U.S. General Services responded with too broad a "sword" and deleted the entire domain. The proper procedure would have been to notify California's Department of Technology and then take down the site. Apparently, the wrong person or people were contacted. By the time the problem was realized on the west coast, it was after business hours on the east coast. The blame seems to lie with the federal government, though we'll have to wait for the report to here the GSA's response.

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Nomad said...

I can't decide which is funnier. That the FBI overreacted so much, or that the major news media basically ignored the story. Maybe we should take more governments offline and see how long it takes people to notice.