Thursday, October 04, 2007

Let the mud slinging commence

The Log Cabin Republicans have decided that they don't like Mitt Romney. Why exactly is unclear other than he's for a marriage amendment, which would effectively end many in their organization's quest to get married. Nonetheless, they've decided that in order to get their point across - that Romney is a bad bad man and a flip flopper - they're going to start running a negative ad using his words from.... wait for it.... wait for it... 1994 as an indication of how bad a candidate he is.

I've stated before that I don't plan on voting for Mr. Romney, but I still think this is a bad move. I'd like to see the day when PACs aren't allowed to run advertisements on candidates because they generally end up being negative and destructive rather than helpful in any way - as this stunt shows along with anything has done and the Swiftboaters from the last presidential election and numerous other examples. But on a completely different level, Romney has answered all these charges months ago. Why is it necessary to bring this up again? It just seems childish to me.


Anonymous said...

BowHunter: it does hurt. It makes Romney look very liberal, and very east coast, which is very bad in iowa. What I am surprised about is that there IS a gay Republican group! Good thing they are from Iowa, Sen. Craig needs their suport right now.

Funny, weird, and true, all the elements of a great post, thanks sean.

shadwomom1 said...

Sean, I can hardly read your posts. The color is too light.
I DO struggle through, though, as they are worth the effort!

Sean said...

sorry about that shadowmom. i've changed the color to a darker orange - interestingly called chocolate even though it doesn't look chocolate to me at all.

thanks for the complement to you and bh.