Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lou Dobbs on NY Drivers Licenses

Lou Dobbs of CNN has an excellent commentary up on the fiasco that is the new New York Drivers license plan. For those of you not paying attention, New York state's Democratic governor released his plan that will now allow illegal immigrants the ability to get driver's licenses. The plan basically sets up a 3 tier system with licenses that have different privileges. Pretty much every important election official agrees that this will enable rampant voter fraud in New York. Also, there is little infrastructure in place to check that people already have a drivers license before issuing them a new one. This plan is a disaster and hopefully the Republicans will be able to use this to get Eliot Spitzer out of office at the end of his current term.


Nomad said...

This is horrible. I understand why they want to offer the DLs - taxation and incentives for automobile accountability. But it can't be done without risking far worse fraud.

And it points out the core of the problem of illegal immigration. Until STATES decide that it is in their interest to stem the tide of illegals coming into the country, there is only so much the Federal government can do.

quizwedge said...

How about a bait and switch? Give them the license and then we know where to find them to deport them! Okay, unethical... I'm mostly joking.

Nomad said...

Ironically, this is EXACTLY the problem. States are unwilling to do this, for fear of illegals refusing medical care for their children for fear of deportation.

Sean said...

CRCHAIR - great commentary, thanks for sharing.

This is pathetic and fortunately the good people of NY understand this. Like most insane plans like this, it will be stopped by the legislature, but just the thought of putting this kind of law out there shows a lack of insight into how the government is supposed to work and what citizens believe to be right.

If Spitzer does run for re-election the GOP should be thanking him, because it'll almost guarantee a GOP governor.

shadowmom1 said...

This guy has been a disaster as governor. This is only the latest and most drastic example of his ineptitude.