Thursday, January 31, 2008

After the iPhone... the NuviPhone?

I love my iPhone and I love my Garmin Nuvi 660 GPS. But I can honestly say that I never looked at the two of them and thought, "Why can't they merge them into one unit?" And if I had, I definitely would never have preferred the Garmin's interface. But now, apparently, Garmin has decided that is EXACTLY what the People want and have announced The NuviPhone.

The device features full browsing, PIM, phone and of course, GPS functions. It's an HSDPA, quad-band phone, also equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth and a somewhat familiar ultrathin design with full touchscreen support. The unit will use Garmin's proprietary OS which is based on the UI its GPS units utilize, and sports a 3.5-inch LCD display
No word on price or release date. Although if it is in line with most Nuvi products, it'l; make the $400 iPhone price look like a bargain.

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