Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Viewing Ads to Help Others

While on Facebook, I noticed that one of my "friends" added an application called iRipple. iRipple links back to the website, Ripple. Ripple allows you to support four different charities by clicking a button to view an ad. Although I did not call up the charities to verify, they say that 100% of the ad revenue goes to charity and are authenticated by the charity. One of the charities, Oaktree Foundation, appears to be a Christian organization. Unfortunately, Oxfam supports abortion, so I prefer not to click on their button.

This site is similar to The Hunger Site, only it is a much cleaner interface and instead of once per day, you can click each button about once every 20 minutes. I believe there was some talk on Mod-Blog about The Hunger Site and wondering how much of the money went to the charities. The Hunger Site also claims to give 100% of the revenue from clicking to charity.

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