Friday, January 04, 2008

Obama and Huckabee Victory Speeches from Iowa

I did not stay up to watch the returns come in. If you also chose sleep over political curiosity, then you may be interested to see the victory speeches below.

Barack Obama

I will admit that even though I am *not* a supporter, Obama's speech did give me chills.

Mike Huckabee

I will admit the only thing that really went through my mind during Huckabee's speech is, "I hope if he wins it all he doesn't float the idea of Chuck Norris for VP."

Oh, and apparently Chris Dodd and Joe Biden dropped out of the race last night as well. No word of any Republicans dropping prior to New Hampshire.


"Nick" said...

Couple thoughts... great speech by Obama. He sounds hopeful, upbeat, and is appealing to the best in all Americans. I disagree with some of his policy ideas, but I agree with his outlook. I wouldn't be vehemently opposed to him becoming president.

Huckabee sounds similar. Unite, don't divide. Hope, appealing to the best in Americans. He has a great sense of self depricating humor, which is very appealing.

He is also definitely a Baptist preacher... 3 points, each one rhyming with the others...:)

So we'll see. I thought both were good speeches.

Sean said...

yet another great thing about living on the west coast - nearly everything happens earlier here. So, we got to watch the speeches before we went to bed at 11 - and it wasn't live tv.

my wife's reaction at the end of huckabee's speech - "in Jesus name, amen".

If these two get the nomination, maybe we need to have a preach off rather than a debate :P

BowHunter said...

Obama is the best salesman of the bunch. You learn in sales, that the relationship with your customer is more important than your product. We like Obama... even though we don't love what he is selling.

"Nick" said...

Really good point BowHunter!