Saturday, January 05, 2008

Random Thoughts About Iowa

A few random thoughts about the Iowa results. As always, I make no claims about accuracy, or that these are deeply thought out. But here they are for you to react to.

  • Watching the victory speeches of Obama and Huckabee, I was stricken again by Barack Obama's rhetorical talent. It completely overshadowed Governor Huckabee, who is a minister who thus practiced his rhetoric weekly in sermons. I am wondering if the victory of Obama will push Republicans toward Romney who appears to be the best speech-given of the Republican field.
  • Sean made a great point in a recent comment. Senator Clinton's comments after the loss were not those of a champion knocked down, but those of a conquered foe accepting defeat. That move may do more to doom any comeback in New Hampshire than any attack ad or push poll.
  • Rudolph Guiliani is taking a huge gamble by ignoring Iowa and New Hampshire. When we arrive at his states on Super Tuesday, I have a feeling it will feel like the candidacy of Fred Thompson did when he finally announced. Too little, too late. It may work if Huckabee wins New Hampshire, though, as Guiliani will be the clear alternative to an Evangelical tidal wave.
  • I really like Fred Thompson's ideas. But he has been talking about John McCain so much of late, that I am quite sure he plans to drop out after New Hampshire and endorse Senator McCain. And I am not sure it will help either of their political futures.
  • Why is John Edwards in this race? After watching Obama, Clinton, and Edwards, the only reason to choose Senator Edwards over the others is either (1) he has better hair, or (2) no one else is named John Edwards. Either he has not gotten across his message to me, or this really is about vanity for him.
These are admittedly the fevered ramblings of a blogger, so take them all with a grain of salt. But it appears certain things are becoming clear in the American mind, whether they are true or not.

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