Saturday, January 05, 2008

Republican Primary in Wyoming is Today!

No one is talking about it, but apparently the Wyoming Republican Primary is today (1/5/2008). It is being widely ignored in the Press who are focussing 100% on New Hampshire, but Wyoming could have an impact on the race by blunting Huckabee's victory or strengthening his momentum. As of now, locals admit that a state-wide "undecided" is as likely as a clear winer. But they are hoping moving up their primary will allow them to have more impact on the nominating process.


BowHunter said...

like an annoying small dog yapping at your heels.

oliviaharis said...

Wyoming is currently slated to be the first state in the nation to pick a presidential candidate. That move could produce consequences. The Republican National Committee warned the state's party that it would lose half of its delegation to the August 2008 Republican National Convention in Minnesota.

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