Thursday, January 03, 2008

One Laptop Per Mod-Blogger

Proving yet again that I am an unmarried bachelor who loves technology too much, my OLPC XO-1 has arrived! I purchased one with the Give1Get1 the day after they started accepting orders (and another one for a family member) and the unit arrived yesterday! I took some unboxing photos for those who might be interested.

So far, the device is very interesting. It does not work quite like any computer I have used before (which is saying a lot considering I have worked on Commodore 64s, Apple IIs, Macintoshes, Amigas, IBM PCs of various generations, Linux Boxen, every version of Windows, and many, many more). But I was able to browse the internet and install Doom without too much trouble. Hopefully, this weekend I can take the time to really start to become expert with it.


Ward said...

I just had to chuckle at the post title since we could probably say that we average two laptops per Mod-Blogger. At least among the staff. Our home alone accounts for four right now beings how Muse and I have both just recently picked up a Macbook Pro =)

shadowmom1 said...

Love the dinosaur!

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