Monday, March 31, 2008

Annual April Fools Day Boycott

Every year, on April 1, the Internet transforms itself from a useful tool for the dissemination of fact and opinion, into a useless place for the dumping of fraud and fakery. April Fools Day used to be a day for practical jokes among friends, and has become an international day for internet trolls and flamebaiters to take over the internet and impose their dubious senses of humor on everyone else. Many sites post only fake news, others mix fiction and fact freely.

In the interest of NOT supporting this idiocy, I am declaring the Fourth Annual Mod-Blog Boycott of April Fools Day. I will not be posting ANYTHING to Mod-Blog on that day, and call upon my fell Mod-Bloggers to do the same. Of course, if there is some REAL major world event, I may break the boycott. No other Mod-Blogger is REQUIRED to honor the boycott, but from discussions in past years I suspect most feel the same way I do.

My apologies to those who rely on Mod-Blog for your daily dose of sanity. Perhaps Ward or Muse can post more pictures of their Lil One in lieu of news.

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