Monday, March 31, 2008

Cell Phone Irony

I have never understood why - in the age of voicemail - so many people are incapable of letting a cell phone ring if they are in the middle of an important conversation "in real life." I cut the married guys some slack - they have a wife who may be furious if they are not treated as top priority. But the rest... can't you wait 3 minutes to talk to your buddy from next door?


CRCHAIR said...

I totally Agree with...("Hello, OK. maybe tomorrow. Bye.")...Sorry I had to answer a call. I was saying, It is totally annoying when people think calls are more important than talking to you.


shadwomom1 said...

I especially hate it when you are in the restroom and there are voices coming from the stalls. Can't these people even "go" without talking to someone?!? I sometimes spend time in there because it is the only place you can get a little quiet time. But not anymore! Grr.

Sean said...

The pastor of the church I used to work for was especially bad. He could be in the middle of a counciling session and would still answer his cell phone. It was the most annoying thing. Staff meetings would go extra hours long because he would have full on conversations with people on his phone right in the middle of the meeting.

I on the other hand, have sent lots of people - including my wife - to voicemail because I thought my current conversation was more important. I totally agree that real life contact is way more important than a phone call.