Friday, May 23, 2008

Finally, an FM transmitter for iPhone without the GSM interference!

My Pontiac Vibe's radio has no "aux in" or iPod connector, so I have to stream my iPhone music to it via an FM transmitter. The one I have works fine, but as with all such devices I have to put up with GSM interference when the iPhone "phones home" to check for voice messages, etc. Finally, someone is coming out with a device that filters out the interference and will allow a full iPhone transmitting experience.

Of course having an Aux In or iPod Connector in your car is a better solution, but I don't want to spend several hundred dollars on a replacement radio or several thousand on a new car. And I am no audiophile.


Rob Fay said...

I'm investigating solutions right now. I'm just not sure I want to spend $100 on it. Since I also have a tape deck, do you know if the use of a tape connector will provide better clarity?

Here's a great round up.

Nomad said...

CRChair uses a tape adapter and the quality is generally comparable. You get better volume and clarity thru the iPod connector (and a recharge at the same time) but going over a wire for the tape adapter instead of over FM compensates. If you have a tape deck, I'd not spend money on this.