Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama resigns from his church

One of Obama's great strengths has been his ability to stand by his friends, even when they embarrass him. When Reverend Wright's racially-charged sermons came out, Obama did not use the opportunity to distance himself, but to open a dialogue about race in America and the differences between generations. But now, he has decided to resign from his church in light of the latest comments from his pastor and other pastors in the same building. Honestly, while I would never attend such a church myself on a regular basis, I can't help wondering if Obama is giving up the high ground in the interest of political expediency

Obama campaign communications director Robert Gibbs said Obama had resigned from the church "over the last few days."
Campaign aides said they weren't immediately certain how the resignation took place, whether by letter or in some other fashion, and were trying to find out.
Messages left for a church spokeswoman in Chicago were not immediately returned Saturday afternoon.
The development came as Obama campaigned in South Dakota.


Sean said...

That was very much my reaction when I heard about this. It seems that Obama, decided he couldn't win without tossing his pastor as well as his church under the bus. I don't agree with what Rev. Wright has said, but I can understand his point. I think Obama leaving his church looks worse than if he had stayed. At least if he stayed he could point out all the great social programs of the church, but instead he looks like just another politician.

Texas Truth said...

I guess the heat got too much for him. This is another reason not to vote for BHO. He cannot be trusted to stick to his guns when the going gets tough.

As I have said numerous times. This guy is very dangerous. He cannot be trusted. How do you think he will stand up against the enemies of this country? He has no backbone. He will fold like a cheap lawn chair.

He knows it. His party knows it. We know it. And more importantly, the enemies of this country know it. Why do you think they support him for President?

shadowmom1 said...

Although I think he stayed much too long, I don't think staying in would have helped. At least in leaving he takes seriously those who see the attitudes expressed in this church as un-American and severely racist.