Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bicycling Update - June 21, 2008

A couple of weeks back, I posted a picture of myself on a new bike. I proclaimed that I planned to use it to increase fitness and "reduce the visible gut". The Nomad Will Wander I am figuring it will be good for me to post my experiences here, both to update our faithful readers and to keep me honest. It is hard to "cheat" on a weight reduction program if you have to admit it to all of your friends.

First, the "program" I am using is not any of the formal systems, other than the one most recommended "Eat less, exercise more." While I have done well with Atkins in the past, right now my life does not lend itself to the complicated work required to ensure I keep carbs out of my diet. So instead, I am trying to reduce portions, reduce overall carbs and sugar, and exercise every day. And I am weighing in every morning, and tracking my weight and meals in an Excel Spreadsheet. That is it.
At the Dam in Shelton
How am I doing? Well, it is only 2 weeks in, but I have lost a little over 10 lbs. I have been exercising every day. On rainy days, I have been riding on a stationary bike in the attic (I am up to 27 minutes per session). On clear days, I have been riding on the "real" bike with CRChair at local parks (between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the day). I am posting below the graph of my weight so far, with numbers removed to protect the embarrassed.
20080620: Weight Graph so Far
Please keep up your prayers. Weight loss is never easy, since it requires changing ones long-ingrained habits that got you overweight and out of shape in the first place. I am sure I have some hard times to come. But I am hoping that these small changes will add up to a lifestyle I can maintain in the long-term. Cuz, that is the healthy way to go, and the way people see real success.
Biking at the Shelton War Memorial
I want to also thank Bowhunter for inspiring me to try out biking, and Nick and CRChair for encouraging me to keep it up. It has been much more fun than I expected, and I am still amazed how every time we go out, I see something new and unexpected. Who knew Shelton had a pair of guys training for the Olympic hammer throw? (No, I did not get a picture. I have since picked up a tough, waterproof camera to bring along on the rides. These photos were taken on my iPhone.)


Sean said...

Congratulations. Keep up the good work!

quizwedge said...

Wow, that's great. Congratulations!

"Nick" said...

Yeah! So... Tuesday we biking to Captain's?:D

Nomad said...

God willing! The weather looks like it'll be good at the moment. :)