Friday, June 20, 2008

Sports sweep Top 6 Highest Primetime Rated TV Shows for June

The 6 games of the NBA Finals were 5 of the six highest rated TV shows for the month of June. I guess this means that when we have compelling match-ups sports can still draw in big viewership. I too watched more of the NBA finals since the Celtics and Lakers were playing as opposed to if the Spurs and Pistons had played. The highest rated show was the Belmont Stakes horse race.


Sean said...

It's also a sign that regular prime time tv is not on right now. Because even the Belmont Stakes 13.1 million viewers would put it barely on the top 10 during the regular TV season.

shadowmom1 said...

I watched all the NBA Finals games, but not the Belmont Stakes. I would have watched the NBA Finals, no matter who was playing. It is like the Baseball World Series is to many.