Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Constitution Party picks a nominee

The Constitution Party, a third party espousing Conservative ideas which is far more isolationist than either of the two majors, has chosen their nominee: Pastor Charles "Chick" Baldwin. While I am supportive of third parties and expanding the choice of the American political system, from the acceptance speech I do not think John McCain has too much to worry about from this particular competitor.


Timothy said...

I don't believe that Baldwin is an isolationist. He is just a non-interventionalist. In other words, he rightfully disagrees with the military executing unjustified preemptive warfare. Believing that we should talk with other nations is different than isolationism. On the issues, Chuck Baldwin is better than John McCain since he promotes real freedom, opposes the Patriot Act, etc.

By Timothy

Nomad said...

Timothy - First, welcome! Glad to have you here. :-)

Second, technically there may be more extreme isolationists than Baldwin and the Constitution Party, but the list of treaties the current platform calls for withdrawing from is quite long and essentially he calls for withdrawing our troops from most overseas engagements. This makes him an isolationist in comparison to either of the other major parties out there. He may be less so than past Constitution Party candidates, and if so, feel free to educate us. But I think the label fits for most Conservatives and Moderates who read Mod-Blog.

As to opposing pre-emptive warfare, I think the only party right now supporting that view is the GOP, and it is largely responsible for the low ratings of GWB and continuing weakness of John McCain. Personally, if I leave the Republican Party this year, that will be one of the issues that pushes me out.

CRCHAIR said...

I don't think the 3rd parties are as attractive to most Republicans this year as there is no 3rd party on the conservative side that isn't for immediate withdrawl from Iraq. I would listen to people who are true conservatives if Iraq wasn't their #1 or 2 issue.