Monday, June 02, 2008

Hillary Supporters Key to a McCain Victory?

Most of us have seen the video of "screaming woman" at the RBC meeting saying that if Obama is the nominee, all of Hillary's supporters will go over to McCain. I have been reading several left-wing bloggers and they seem equally split between those who decry the sentiment because McCain is Pro-life and those who support the sentiment because... well... their priority is getting a woman - any woman - elected.

This makes me wonder if it is possible to find a GOP woman to serve as McCain's VP who can both be enough of a feminist to please Hillary Clinton supporters, and Pro-Life enough to satisfy (please note I did not say "please") Conservatives. I could not think of anyone offhand - most of the likely suspects are too tightly linked to GWB - but if so, this could be the key to a McCain win.


quizwedge said...

Found a page on which had some VP ideas ( Of the candidates, they had four women:

Sarah Palin
Elizabeth Dole
Kay Bailey Hutchison
Lindsey Graham

Kay Bailey Hutchison isn't Pro-Life enough. Lindsey Graham, well, I think with the last name Graham, Clinton supporters would go running. That leaves Dole and Palin.

I don't know enough about Dole, but she's associated with the first Bush and she's 71, so probably not the best choice.

That leave Palin. I don't really know anything about her, but her Wikipedia page ( says that she's pro-Life and opposes same-sex marriage, "but has gay friends and has otherwise been receptive to gay and lesbian concerns about discrimination." She's the governor of Alaska so there's executive experience. And for the "Obama's going to win because he's young / looks better than McCain", Wikipedia also adds that she has been an athlete and a beauty queen. The one sticking point... Wikipedia mentions that the development of Alaska's oil and gas resources are a priority for her. McCain has specifically said that he does not want to drill in ANWR saying that it is similar to the Grand Canyon and the Everglades.

Nomad said...

Libby Dole could run on her own, but not with McCain. She was too much a part of the failed Bob Dole campaign.

Palin is interesting to hear about. I doubt very strongly McCain would care about the ANWR thing for her since "energy independence" is going to have to be a big part of the next Prez's platform no matter what. Sounds like she might be a possibility and a young enough face to be a natural successor if McCain dies in office or does not seek a second term.

Thanks, Wedge.