Thursday, June 05, 2008

Deep Question of the Day

This one is not about philosophy, but annoyance. Why is it every time I finally pay off a credit card, I immediately get an e-mail telling me about "more ways to use your credit card" or have my credit limit automatically raised? The credit companies more and more these days act like drug dealers. "Oh, you're trying to get clean? How about one more free sample?"

And I say that as a bank employee. When I pay down my car loan, the bank doesn't try to get me to buy a boat on loan!

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quizwedge said...

Well, you get an e-mail because you gave them your e-mail address. :-P

In American society, the credit card companies ARE selling a drug of sorts. The American mindset seems to be, get everything I want now rather than saving and wait. Credit card companies are selling you the promise of satisfying your craving. The problem for the credit card companies is that you are a "bad" customer if you pay off your bill in full every month. The "good" customers only make minimum payments. Their goal is to get you to use the most credit you can pay back over a long term.