Friday, July 11, 2008

Adventures in political marketing

A week or two ago I posed the question "Why are Republicans uncool?".  Almost on cue the GOP launches a website that could make them more cool.  The GOP is looking for input on policy proposals.  This could be a really great people to discuss issues - even if it does end up being only Republicans on the site. As we have seen, even here on Mod-Blog where most of us are Republicans we have a fairly wide diversity of beliefs and focuses when it comes to politics.  As the article says:
The site itself has a stodgy charm to it. But at least the GOP is creating an online forum for citizens to engage with policy makers before they make policy. This could just be an empty effort whose real purposes is to collect e-mail addresses from party members to hit them up for donations. And if that’s the case, the site will soon die. But if the GOP can create an active community of people truly interested and informed about different policy options, and feed that into their platform, it could give them a real competitive advantage over the Democrats.
Here's hoping that this one works out in the positive for the GOP.

On the other side of the aisle, the Obama campaign marketers are either geniuses or nuts, I tend to favor the former rather than the latter.  The campaign is sponsoring a NASCAR car in an upcoming race.  Since it's widely known that NASCAR is most popular among red necks state voters, this could be a good way of garnering a positive look from that voting block. Again, Obama is trying to bring states and blocks into contention that have traditionally be foregone conclusions.  As much as I don't like that a Democrat is doing this, it is good that people are now being forced to think about their vote rather than simply voting for a party.

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quizwedge said...

Obama's marketing guy is genius. Just went to Obama's site and they're also doing an open convention because "this is your convention, not [Barack's]" 10 people who donate at least $5 will be chosen to fly to Denver and meet Barack backstage. With Obama trying to move and show himself as more moderate, if he can not alienate the most left of his party and get the right to not look / not care about his abortion record, the election is his to lose. McCain just hasn't shown the marketing genius as of yet to compete.