Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bush: More Oil, Me: More Solar!

It appears that President Bush is now asking Americans to push Congress to allow more Oil exploration on domestic lands...

...which I am not against. We need to try all avenues to oil independence. But may I politely remind the President that there is something he could do TODAY to help with searched for alternative energy? Maybe force the BLM to repeal its ban on applying for solar power land use for the next two years?

I'll say it one more time. If this ban is not lifted by the Executive or Legislative branch by Independence Day, none of them deserve to stay in office. It only proves an inability to (1) obey the will of the People, and (2) recognize the kinds of things that matter.

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BowHunter said...

Domestic Oil drilling can be the bridge to an energy independent future. Check this out... if congress can control themselves, and put ALL of the royalties they get for the domestic drilling rights into alternative energy funding, we can find our fix!