Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The danger of CFLs

The house we live in came with lots of energy efficient lighting. I used to have an attitude of "well, it's not quite as great as a regular bulb, but at least it lasts five years." Then I heard about the dangers of if one breaks and how you should throw out anything that it touches. I recently heard about someone who had one break over their bed and is now out a set of bedding. Rep. Ted Poe of Texas speaks out some more on the dangers and inconveniences of CFLs.

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BowHunter said...

Oh Jees! More Fear mongering. I am too embarrassed to watch this. What a load of crap!

The real problem here is legislating what light bulb we do or don't use. Let the market and the high cost of energy tell us what bulb to use, not congress.