Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Last-minute iPhone 3G Details

Apple Insider has up some interesting last-minute details on the iPhone 3G. If you plan to run out this weekend and pick one up, be sure to skim thru them.

* The actual activation of an iPhone 3G through the modified iTunes app Apple and AT&T will use takes less than 30 seconds. A credit check takes about 5 minutes and the remainder of the process that includes picking a plan takes less than 5 minutes.

* The majority of customers signing new 18-month contracts with AT&T should be prepared to possibly have their existing rollover minutes reset to the number of monthly minutes included with their new iPhone 3G plan. This is standard practice for AT&T and it's possible it will carry over to iPhone upgrades.
They also have up a quick summary of the first iPhone 3G reviews that are out there on the web.


Nomad said...

Also if you want to check iPhone availability, Apple will be posting the online checker:

Sean said...

i find it funny how everybody sort of expects the iphone to be treated differently from every other phone that at&t sells. i know that it has over the past year, but the deal between apple and at&t is different now. it seems that if people started thinking of the iphone as any other phone, there would be fewer negative surprises.