Sunday, July 13, 2008

The reason I appreciate Tony Snow

As mentioned yesterday, Tony Snow has passed away.  I didn't get to know of him until just shortly before he left his radio show.  At the time I was spending a lot of time on the road, so I got to listen to him for 3 hours a day, everyday.  I appreciated his fairness, but more that it felt like he wanted me to understand the issues.  He was bright and happy and never - NEVER - resorted to name calling or talking down to callers who disagreed with him.  Since yesterday I've been looking for something that highlights the way I will remember Tony Snow.  First I wanted to link to a video from his speech at CPAC this past winter, but I couldn't find a good version.  Then I found his commencement speech to Catholic University.  It's a longish read, but worth it.  This is how I will remember him.

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