Monday, July 14, 2008

No 3G iPhone for Nomad - But Plenty Sold

Well, if I had to guess, we are going to get the announcement from Apple today that the 3G iPhone has outsold the original iPhone in its opening weekend. We spent a few hours this weekend at our local AT&T stores and Apple stores and on the availability checker online, and there are no iPhones to be found in CT. Compare this to the original launch when we were able to get ours on Sunday in the Farmington Apple Store, and there was PLENTY of extra stock left over. Early rumors were that there were significantly more 3G iPhones produced than the original, so it would appear Apple has a huge hit on its hands.

UPDATE: CNET is reporting that over 1 million 3G iPhones were sold between Friday and Sunday, with the millionth coming on Sunday. It took the original iPhone 74 days to reach 1 million sold. 10 million downloads occurred from the App Store as well. Wow.

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Ward said...

Our Apple store had quite a few through Sunday at least, but the ATT stores were all sold out on the the first day.