Thursday, November 20, 2008

Congress Does Something Right

Congress finally did something right today. They told the Auto industry that they needed to show how a $25 Billion bailout would transform the industry. This is exactly what needed to happen. Someone had to stand up to the Auto industry and say "OK, you need money now. If we give you money now, what is to make us believe that anything will change and we won't have to give you more money in 6 months?" Bravo congress for getting it right.


shadowmom1 said...

And bravo for alerting us to the absurdity of the continuing existence of the fleet of private jets that carry an incredible pricetag and carry the execs wherever they want to go.
These execs are so out of touch that they don't see how rediculous this is in the face of so many losing their jobs - even THEMSELVES!

Wacko! said...

They did this for 25 billion...why not do likewise for the rest of the 700 billion that is to bail out the financial industry?