Friday, December 19, 2008

Church Threatens to Make Sins Public

A Floridian is claiming that the church that she used to attend is threatening to talk publicly in their church about her "sins" as she is currently in a sexual relationship with her boy friend. She was recently divorced and her husband and children still attend the church, but she now attends a different church. The Church doesn't want to comment on the issue, but recently sent her a letter laying out that they are moving to the final step in church discipline of bringing an unrepentant sinners sins in front of the congregation. They base this on their reading of Matthew chapter 18.


Sean said...

After looking at Matt. 18, I can see where they got the idea of telling sins to the whole church. I think it's kind of extreme to tell the whole church about her issue. My initial reaction is that this is missing the point of what Jesus was getting at in that passage, but I'll need to think on it some more.

CRCHAIR said...

I think Matthew 18 really speaks to if one christian sins against another. The fact that a Christian is sinning in general is not enough to start the process described in Matthew 18. Since the women no longer attends the church she has self banished herself from the congregation, so it seems to me that the ultimate punishment has already been imposed in a de-facto manor.

quizwedge said...

I agree with crchair