Friday, May 15, 2009

Most Americans Now "Pro-Life"

A new poll released yesterday found that for the first time over 50% of the American people describe themselves as Pro-Life when asked about abortion. This is the first time that the number has gone above 50%. Let's hope this is a result of peoples "hearts and minds" changing on this issue and not just an anomaly in polling.


Nomad said...

I am always amused by the American people's ability to be self-contradictory. We elect the most pro-abortion President in decades (far moreso than Bill Clinton) and then lurch suddenly anti-abortion.

I guess this is what they call the "dynamic center".

Ward said...

The poll shows that it is a majority of Republicans who have turned harded to the pro-life view, with a fair number of 'moderates' as well. So my take on the poll is that the election of Obama has brought some of the stronger feelings back into the issue for those who lean right, but are not perhaps the sort of 'go out and protest' sort of anti-abortion advocates. But that's just my two-cents.