Friday, May 15, 2009

Robo-callers targetted by FCC

If you have been getting those "Your warranty is expiring" calls, you may be interested to know the FTC is finally looking into them. Personally, I'd think AT&T would be the #1 pursuer here, since these kinds of relentless robo-calls are driving me (and others) to cell phone and VOIP phones, where you can easily block numbers for free.

It took some heavy sleuthing to determine what companies were responsible because they made "extraordinary" efforts to conceal their identities by masking their true phone numbers, he said.

If a consumer received such a call about his car warranty, "there's a very real chance that these guys did it," Leibowitz told reporters in a conference call...

While seeking return of allegedly illegal profits from the companies, the FTC isn't immediately seeking civil fines against them but may consider doing so later on, agency officials said.
Personally, I think it is all a robot apocalypse and Skynet is behind it all.

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