Monday, June 08, 2009

Happy WWDC Day!

WWDC bannerToday is a very exciting day for Mac Geeks and Apple Fanboys all over the world. It is the kickoff to WWDC - WorldWide Developers Conference. This is the annual event where Apple Computer has typically launched its big products for the year. Most notably for the last two years, it has been the event that launched the Apple iPhone and the Apple iPhone 3G. The keynote - the big presentation where the announcements are made - is scheduled for 10 AM PDT (about 1 PM EST). You can follow along at MacRumors.Com LiveBlog if you wish.

Moscone WestThe most current rumors are up at DaringFireball.Net where John Gruber predicts the new iPhone will be called the iPhone 3GS (earlier rumors had it pegged as the "iPhone Video). He predicts 2X the RAM and 2X the processor speed, 15-20% longer battery life, and iPhone tethering (already confirmed in the iPhone 3.0 software). Other sites are predicting integrated video camera (and autofocus digital camera) including possibly the long-awaited integration of video iChat.

We shall see. It should be an interesting day.

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