Saturday, October 17, 2009

Biking Update - October 17, 2009

If you needed proof that eating fatty food means weight gain, and exercise means weight loss, just look at this week's portion of the graph. Early in the week - after weeks of no progress despite eating perfectly - I declared a "free day" and had a "lasagna pizza" from Planet PIzza. I immediately spiked up 3 lbs to a recent high of 214. The next day, I got right back on plan and got back to my regular schedule of riding an hour on the exercise bike each night. By Friday, I was down to a new low of 205.4 lbs. That is a variation of almost 9 lbs in a single week!

No real biking this week due to horrible weather (rain and snow, believe it or not). Hoping to ride in the attic every night, and hopefully actually get back out on the roads, too.

Weight Log 10/17/2009

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